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Future event ideas

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Future event ideas

I just wanted to give a few updates, even though I know there isn’t much going on right now.  The site is still being constructed, but I wanted to put a few ideas out there, so potential members know where I want this group to go.  It’s my plan to have fun events that you usually don’t find at other meetup groups.  I’d like to take a normal idea and make it a bit quirky.  Like speed dating, but at the end of your 5 minutes, you’ll either have to kiss the other person or buy another couple a drink.  

I was also thinking of an adult version of spin the bottle.  Or 7 minutes in Heaven.  You know, all the fun party ideas we all did as teenagers, but spiced up for adults.

Free members will have to pay full price for these types of events, that I figure will start at $20 and go up.  Premium members will get them at 50% off or less.  

Will add more ideas as they come to me.

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