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Straight Male Escorts For Single Women (in Austin, Texas)


Welcome to SMEFSW!  This is not your traditional dating site.  It is my goal to bring together single men and women from Austin, TX (and all surrounding cities up to 30 miles), where they can meet others with similar interests, in and out of the bedroom. While it is free to join and meet people,…
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Welcome to new members

Hello! I see we have a few new women who have joined.  Welcome!  I’m not doing any advertising on this site (yet), so I’m curious how you found the site?  I’m relying on search engines and word of mouth, so if any of you know men or women who might be interested, please ask them…
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Tinder vs SMEFSW

OK, so I had to check it out.  Heard a lot about it and had to see if it lived up to the hype.  Well, color me so surprised when it didn’t.  All you do is swipe left or right on a photo.  I had an age range specified, but kept getting men over 10…
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Future event ideas

I just wanted to give a few updates, even though I know there isn’t much going on right now.  The site is still being constructed, but I wanted to put a few ideas out there, so potential members know where I want this group to go.  It’s my plan to have fun events that you…
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